Manuel, Concha Velasco's son, explains how he has experienced his mother's death: “It has been a month of shock”

Manuel, the youngest son of Concha Velasco, opens up about how he has faced the painful loss of his mother, who died last December at the age of 84 at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Majadahonda (Madrid). 50 days after the death of the eternal 'yeyé girl', his youngest son (the one closest to the press) has confessed that these months have been a shock for him.

“It's been a month of shock, but life goes on. We have received the love of so many people that alleviates the grief a little. I keep all the good things, I can't remember anything bad about her,” Manuel said this Sunday to Fiesta.

Regarding the possible tributes that the artist will receive, her son has clarified that Valladolid (her hometown) will remember the interpreter of Mom, I want to be an artist next February 10 on the night of the Goya Awards. Likewise, the screenwriter has indicated that in Madrid they will also pay tribute to the artist, but he has not revealed any further details.

Tribute at the Iris Awards

The Iris Awards, the awards of the Spanish Academy of Television Sciences and Arts, awarded to Laura Valenzuela, Maria Teresa Campos y Concha Velascoall three died last year. Lara Dibildos, Terelu Campos y Manuel Velascotheir respective children, took the stage and starred in an image that can already be said to be part of television history.

On Wednesday, Concha Velasco's youngest son sat on Antena 3. Regarding the tribute at the Iris, which he attended after more than a month without practically leaving home, he said: “I didn't deserve to be there on that stage. To the organization I said yes because it would have been strange if it wasn't anyone from the family. My aunts were in row number two. I feel strange because I don't want people to think that I take advantage of things. I have such a big void… “, he stated.