Manolo Salvador laid the first stone of the current Granada

The passage of Manolo Salvador by the sports management of Pomegranate It was short and full of curves. He arrived for three seasons and left after finishing the first, and through the back door. It could be cataloged from bad experience. However, Faura left a heritage that still persists in the return of the Nasrids to First Division, the true goal of the Valencian when he took the reins of sports management after leaving the I raised.

Grenada Shield / Flag

And it is that up to eight players continue in the elite of the template that configured the head of the sports area Granota. Seven of them signed them himself during that summer. The eighth in question, Rui Silva, arrived a year earlier, in the winter market, to fill the vacancy that left Oier Olazabal, which precisely pointed out in Orriols.

Shield / Flag Levante

Germán Sánchez (Tenerife, 100,000 euros), Álex Martínez (Betis, free), Victor Diaz (Leganés, free), Quini (Lightning, free), Angel Montoro (Las Palmas, free), Darwin Machís Y Antonio Doors (Almeria, free) have the seal of Salvador. Some of them remain fundamental in First.

After a convulsive season, in his only experience outside the Levant, and with three coaches through, Granada changed course, gave the responsibility to Diego Martínez And the rest is history.

“Without an owner on a daily basis, everything goes very slowly”

“It was a bit strange. They are two different ways of working. When there is an owner who is not in everyday life, or an executive or the president is not on a daily basis, everything is going very slow. It takes many permits. To do any management cost God and help. Then he came, he wanted to do it all in one day, he went back and nothing was done. It has been an experience in which I think you have to take the positive, “Salvador explained in the interview with AS in the first round.”Here is more direct contact, things get faster much more when they are clear and there are more meetings of people who make decisions“he clarified.