Malú’s father “blesses” Albert Rivera’s craziest summer: “My daughter is also having fun”

Pepe de Lucía is not sorry for his daughter’s breakup with the former leader of Ciudadanos. And if he is, he hides it. He assures that Little one y Albert Rivera They put an end to their relationship last May and enough time has passed for both of them to rebuild their lives. Regarding the images of her former son-in-law with several friends in Ibiza, she declares: “Have fun what you want.”

And ahead: “My daughter is also having fun. You will see her very soon”, he said on Telecinco. Of course, it does not clarify if he is referring to the days of sun and beach that he is enjoying in the company of his family and her daughter Lucía in Cádiz or to the fact that the interpreter of Apprentice could also already have a new illusion.

Along the same lines, Rivera’s friends have stood up for him after the publication of his photographs with a designer kissing passionately on the deck of a yacht, images that come to light only a week after actress Aysha Daraui ate him. the ear in full Mediterranean dip: “He just wants to have a good time with his friends. He is single, he is not committed and he has the right to do what he wants,” said Tamara Gorro, the same one who denied the relationship between the lawyer and the Spanish actress. “Carla is not his girlfriend either.” He has also pointed out: “Albert is not having a good time. One thing is what you do on the street to have fun and forget about your problems and another thing is how you are at home. Everyone overcomes breakups as they want.”