Malú marks ‘a Shakira’ and launches a song full of darts against Albert Rivera: “You are a stranger who passed by my house”

The artist from Madrid has released a new song this Thursday that has been placed at number 1 on the Trending Topic in less than an hour. The reason? The lyrics, a story of heartbreak that comes just three months after her breakup with Albert Rivera and that launches such illuminating phrases like this: “I can’t stop crying alone, this pain doesn’t stop.”

Little one He has followed in the footsteps of Shakira and many other artists who use their experiences to transform them into therapy and, incidentally, into authentic musical successes. Yours, ‘Absent’is a heartbreaking letter to heartbreak that he has written with Pablo Alboran: “I don’t understand why I feel so alone when I’m with you. Explain the problem to me because I can’t manage it”, she begins singing. “You are a stranger who walks through my house, I don’t recognize you, I don’t understand what’s wrong with you. You say you love me when you see the precipice. Malquerer has become a vice”.

The chorus is a portrait of what the first months of his relationship with the Catalan lawyer were like: “And I raised you up and nobody knows that. I was the one who endured the echo of my name everywhere. Absent, no matter how much you invent”.

Finally, Malú refers to her daughter, Lucía, the result of her relationship with Rivera: “I can’t stop crying alone, this pain doesn’t stop. Where do I move to to start over? Whatever happens, she goes first.”

The networks have gone crazy with Malú’s new theme: “Shout it, queen!”, “Brutal lyrics”, “I have no words”, “She has done it with elegance but without keeping anything quiet”, “Great song, boss” …