Mallorca would be saved in a possibility due to 'legal vacuum'

The outcome of the league championship is pending various scenarios and possibilities in view of the events. Initially, several cases are considered, including play the remainder of the competition, transferring the Euro Cup to the year 2021, leave the championships deserted as if nothing had been played, finish the competition on the 27th day that has been reached or only valid the first round with an 'all against all to a party'.

Shield / Flag Mallorca

Contemplated all this, in the possibility of closing the championship on day 27 the champion, the places of the Champions League and of the Europa League and in part the descent conditioned by the promotions would be resolved.

And in this sense is where the possibility that Real Mallorca was saved comes in despite being currently the second to last in the table, which in normal conditions would lead to the descent.

However, the fact that only two teams from Second Division directly ascendBecause the third must earn a promotion in a playoff, it is what could save the Majorcans. If the competition is over, two teams would ascend directly and the third would be deserted for having to play a playoff than for events, it would not be played, so the third in discord to descend, neither would it descend as there was no third ascent.

Now it's all speculation and it will be necessary to see in what the events derive but to this bizarre end as one of the possibilities is what Mallorca would hold on to not descend as long as the option to finish the championships was chosen.