Mallorca fires Doro, one of its legends

Blas Armero Gallego, better known as 'Doro' (in homage to his father Isidore who died in the Civil War), has died in Palma at 84 years of age Due to a long illness, Alzheimer's that had him hospitalized in recent years in a residence.

Mallorca Shield / Flag

Doro wore the vermilion jersey for 9 seasons and was one of the components in the sixties of the first Real Mallorca that played in the First division together with the also historical Forteza, Mir, Bolao, Arqué, Oviedo and company.

Doro belonged to the Majorcan discipline between 1961 and 1970 and is among the 5 players with the most official matches in the history of the entity with 278 meetings in which he scored 4 goals.

Born in Socuéllamos (Ciudad Real), he arrived on the island in the early sixties and played as vermilion 4 seasons in the First Division and another 5 in the Second Division. achieving two promotions. Upon leaving the club in 1970 played one more season, 70-71 at Atlético Baleares and after his retirement he settled in Palma where he set up a bar, the Doro Bar, in Plaza Barcelona next to the old and now defunct Lluis Sitjar Stadium where he lived his career as a professional with Mallorca. The bar became famous as a meeting point for Majorcan fans on match days.

One of his historical companions, Julian Mir, former president of the club's Veterans Association, stated that “I visited him several times in recent times but because of his illness, I no longer knew anyone.”