Malaga 1×1: Lucky draw, deplorable game

1. Munir: It started with an error stopping a loan from Lombán. He put himself together. He had a lot of work and supported his team. Decisive in the miraculous point obtained.

28. Ismael: Regained ownership. Performance with light and dark. It was not projected in attack. Very sacrificed. Possible grab at 85 ’over Bermejo inside not analyzed by the VAR.

5. Lombán: He played after being pardoned by the Competition Committee. He was the head of the defense although he was seen and wanted to contain the Tete attackers. Achiever.

34. Luis Muñoz: He resumed his central post and was noticed as being out of habit. Too many problems though he tried to meet professionally. Scraped approved.

15. Mikel Villanueva. He returned to tenure as a left back ten games later. Outclassed by his band and misplaced when he tried to help as a central defender. Replaced after the break. He was not very motivated.

10. Tete Morente: Incisor and plugged in. He started off with a great play that Juankar finished off at the hands of the rival goalkeeper. It went from more to less and ran out of air. Malaga is more Malaga when the linense is whole.

35. Keidi Bare: The Albanian was sent off in just four minutes after being booked twice per game to the limit. Messy, too hot and out of place. Tactically wrong.

16. Juanpi: Brain role. Missing in action. He ran out of oxygen soon and was replaced after the break. It went unnoticed, Mal. Much more must be demanded of him.

7. Juankar: He started as a winger and had to help as a winger in defensive tasks. It should take more and better advantage of its high speed. It lacks vigor. It gave some good center.

8. Adrian: He started as a second striker but was soon forced to help out in darker roles, especially after the expulsion of Keidi Bare. He limped off at 85 '. It cannot do everything.

9. Armando Sadiku: Málaga's top producer (eleven goals) was closely watched and with few aids. Forced to seek life. Unattended and without prominence. He left exhausted and without resources. In its place, Buenacasa.

6 Boulahroud. The Moroccan left after the break to reinforce the midfield after the expulsion of Keidi Bare.

3 Diego González. Entered by Mikel Villanueva in the midst of restructuring the defense. He clenched his teeth, although at times he was overwhelmed.

17 Buenacasa. Sadiku's substitute. He was barely seen. They were of form and adaptation. You need time. But time is what Malaga no longer has.

11. Renato Santos. He left for Tete and the first thing he provoked was a g vicegol ’, he did not reach a center in Juankar. You can and should do much more.

14. Rolón. The Argentine's third appearance in the season (he only had 90 'in two games) and eighth since coming to La Rosaleda. It gave time for him to receive a sudden entrance from Lluis López.

Sergio Pellicer. Keidi Bare's ejection shocked him and he tried to freshen up the team. The break has broken the schemes. His Malaga has gone from full form to being in the middle of the preseason and less.

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