Makoke shouts from the four winds that she is “more in love than ever”: everything about her new love

Love has once again knocked on the door of the heart of makoke (52). After his break with the Cordovan Oscar Ocana last May, the former Kiko Matamoros she has shouted from the four winds that she is in love again and that this time it is different because “I have never felt like this before”.

The lucky one is a man named Gonzalo51 years old, and is not dedicated to the medium. “He is an anonymous person, but yes, I am very much in love. I have to admit that I did not expect it, it was quick,” she said in Summer party this Saturday.

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The spark between the two arose on June 23, on the birthday of a friend of Makoke. “I arrived on June 22 to record the program (go vacation) and on the 23rd was a friend’s birthday party and I met him there. I came prepared to enjoy the summer because I was alone and when you have less intention of finding a partner, it happens, “she explains.

The mother of Javier Tudela y Anita Matamoros He claims to be living “very nice and sweet”. “I have to say that I’m more in love than ever and I’m very happy. I don’t think I’ve felt what I’m feeling before. It’s being very special. My son told me that he had never seen me like this.”

Makoke sees a future in this relationship, but doesn’t want to think about a wedding just yet. “We are together, happy, very well and I think it will not be a summer love, but rather something else. But at the moment I am not talking about a wedding, that is big words. We have not been there for almost two months and I don’t know You can make plans for the future. But since that day we saw each other, we haven’t separated,” she says excitedly.

last weekend, socialite esent some images of Makoke very affectionate with a man in the middle of the street. This Saturday she has confirmed that he is her new boyfriend and has given him a name: Gonzalo.