Makoke puts Matamoros in his place and filters the message that could blow up his wedding with Marta: “Enough of lying”

Ana María Aldón has blushed this Sunday in Fiesta after being related to a little known singer, but makoke It has also had its minutes of attention. All as a result of the fact that Kiko Matamoros ignored the wedding that she joined them on September 16, 2016 after almost twenty years of relationship a few days ago.

“Any day that I have spent with my son is above that day. It was a lot of fun, a celebration that was very good but nothing more,” Kiko confessed last Thursday in Save me. And he added, belittling the relationship with the mother of his daughter Anita: “We had a good time after three-quarters of hours of waiting. Come on, I don’t have days with my parents, my children and brothers so that they are above that day.”

Makoke’s words have hurt a lot. She acknowledges that the wedding should not have been celebrated because they had been bad for years, but she does not remember that day with bitterness either: “I married for love,” she stressed. For all this, she has put Matamoros in her place: “I’m fed up with all the lies you tell about my life, enough.”

These days, his anger was such that he decided to show his partner Aurelio Manzano a message that Kiko himself sent him in the summer of 2019 after about a year apart. They didn’t get along then, but they didn’t pull their hair out like they do now.

The message, which Kiko sent after a crossover of statements on television, reads like this, as Emma García’s program has shown: “The truth is, I don’t know how I will get out of this. Nor what awaits me ahead. These days I I have remembered enough of when times were good and I have been able to remember you in the best way. Please do not tell anyone about this message. Everyone here interprets things in their own way and I am already fed up with many things. A kiss”.

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When Kiko sent him this message, he was already in a relationship with Marta López, so this leak could cause some other problem between the two. Precisely now, when there are only a few months left before they are married. The wedding is scheduled for June 2 in Madrid.