the cover of makoke this week in Lectures has picked a lot to Kiko Matamoros and they say that he has embittered his wedding this Friday with martha lopez.

The magazine decided to displace his future wife, who was going to be the cover in her wedding dress, to put his ex-wife on him. How we have told you in Informalia, Kiko has considered breaking the exclusive and until this Thursday everything was up in the air. “It seems to him a lack of respect and a betrayal on the part of the magazine,” they tell us.

bethlehem esteban has said in Save me that Makoke had closed this report for three weeks. From Informalia We can assure that this is not the case. That the Bethlehem source has used her to say something that is not publicly true. As they assure Informalia sources of all solvency, Makoke closed this report with the magazine Lectures last week, just a few days before its publication. And he did it with all the intention in the world. “She wanted to overshadow Kiko’s wedding and she has gotten away with it.”

In fact, according to what they tell us, she made it a condition in the negotiation that she be the main star on the cover. “I don’t know how much she will have charged for that exclusive, but, after seeing the anger that Matamoros has taken for going on the cover instead of Marta López, she has more than compensated for it. She wanted to leave two days before her wedding to annoy him, and that is why he proposed to the magazine to do that report, but he did not imagine that it would do him so much damage. He is enjoying it,” our informant tells us.

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“Kiko is climbing the walls,” they assure us. “He never imagined that the magazine with which he usually works, whose director he considers a friend, would do what he has done to him. He has not yet fully accepted it. And the worst thing is how they have made Marta feel, who, dressed as a girlfriend, she has been relegated on the cover by her future husband’s ex. They consider it a contempt and a lack of respect”, he points out to Informalia a person very close to the contracting parties.

Makoke also needs the money. Since he separated from Kiko, he barely has an income. Some collaborations told in networks and one day a week in Fiesta, where you do not receive more than 500 euros gross per program. With that he can barely survive. For this reason, she has been forced to live with her son Javier, her girlfriend and her grandson. The house of La Finca has it mortgaged and in addition to it, he fights against Kiko in court for it. The trial has not yet come out, but Kiko is going for everything. Even so, for now: Makoke 1 – Kiko 0.