Makoke defends himself after being exposed by Carlo Costanzia: “I don't lie”

Carlo Costanzia father released a statement this Tuesday denying the information that Makoke shared last Saturday about the son he has in common with Mar Torres. A movement that has caught the ex-wife of Kiko Matamoros, which he has taken advantage of to defend himself. “I don't lie. I was authorized by Carlo to tell everything,” has assured, emphatically, on Telecinco.

The television collaborator has explained in This is life that he has “an audio” in his possession that demonstrates that the details he transmitted in Fiesta They are true. It was forwarded to her by a friend she has in common with the Italian count, although she has not seen it “advisable” to play the recording so as not to reveal everything. “the content of the conversation”. Only the presenters of the program have heard it, Sandra Barneda y César Muñozwho have agreed that their partner was “very restrained” when transmitting the Italian's words.

In the audio in question, the count said: “If I took out all the audios, messages and documents I have from Mar, I wouldn't be able to return to Spain”. Furthermore, according to the model, the aristocrat said that Mar Flores asked him “to be her lover when she was married to Javier Merino.” It must be remembered that Carlo Costanzia is the first child of Mar Flores, the result of her relationship with the count. Later, the model had four more children with the businessman Javier Merino.

Following these statements, Costanzia has accused the former stewardess of promoting “the fake news” y has warned that consider taking legal action. “I hereby inform you that the news that has recently appeared and continues to appear in different media outlets attributing to me various statements linked to the appearance of my son, Mr. Carlo Costanzia Flores, on a television program last Friday, January 19 from 2024, “They are totally false,” he expressed in a text.

“When I read this statement, I contact the mutual friend we have and I see that it not only refers to me but also to the rest of the media,” Makoke clarified. The informant has shared with her the words that Carlo wrote to her shortly after releasing the statement.

The mother of Anita Matamoros believes that the count is going through “circumstances” that are making him experience “a roller coaster”, since the commotion of his son Carlo's statements in Friday! They have forced him to face “very painful situations.” “I am very calm because I have done my job. (…) It is Saturday at Fiesta when her friend contacts me and tells me that Carlo authorizes me to tell everything.”

Makoke has also taken the opportunity to respond to Laura Matamoros, who accused her this Monday of unleashing “a war” between Mar Torres and Carlo Costanzia. “Laura's tone hurt me,” she said, considering that someone in her family had “poisoned” her. The television collaborator assures that she has not participated in this matter with bad intentions and that, in fact, she believes Carlo Costanzia Jr.