Makoke and the Daniel Sancho Case give Telecinco a break with ‘La última noche’: Pedroche, on Antena 3, scores a minimum

Boost in Telecinco’s audiences in prime time this Friday, August 11. The last nightthe program of Sandra Barnedahas scored 3.4 points more than the previous week by getting 9% of share and 608,000 viewers. The third installment of this format takes a breather compared to the previous two weeks.

Antenna 3, with the Password of Cristina Pedroche, has dropped 2.5 points. It has fallen to 9%, tying for leadership with the main Mediaset chain. Her presenter has been in the eye of the hurricane on social networks in recent days due to her controversial postpartum message.

La 1, for its part, is satisfied with 6.2% of share of the movie The island and with 327,000 viewers. Cuatro’s cinema surpasses the public entity with 7.3% of share and 647,000 viewers and the second channel of Atresmedia registers 6.2% of share (520,000 spectators) with The Sixth Column. Con Research teamLa Sexta also recorded a 5.7% share and gathered 502,000 viewers.

The rise of Telecinco

Barneda’s program also generated a great impact on social networks. Especially among viewers who still feel nostalgic for the missing Deluxe, last aired on Friday, July 14. On Twitter they accused the format of trying to “salvage” its content to raise audiences.

In this third installment, the Cuarzo Producciones and Mediaset format opted for a recurring character from the Telecinco universe, makoke. On the other hand, they delved into the Case of Daniel Sanchoprotagonist of the news when entering provisional prison in Thailand after confessing to the murder of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta.

With this change of course, the Catalan program has re-emerged in audiences with a 9% share achieved.

In the first program, Barneda interviewed a Miguel Angel Revilla y Marta Fitchwhich from September 14 will present VIP Big Brother. The first program only gathered an 8% share, below double digits. Last week, on August 4, the interviews arrived at Miguel Rios and the actor Juan Jose Ballesta. Audiences fell to a dismal 5.6%.