Madrid's commitment to young people begins to bear fruit

Who dares, triumphs ”. That is one of the slogans that a person must always have between eyebrows. And it is the one that Real Madrid has adopted in its decision to risk young talents for the future: bets like Valverde and Odegaard, Achraf's loan to Borussia to grow and not stagnate without just playing, investments in talents like Vinicius and Rodrygo, the reports on already outstanding footballers (Mbappé) or players whose sudden (or unexpected) appearance make the spotlights turn to where they are (Haaland), slow maturing processes (Sancho, Upamecano …).

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

AND That bet is going fantastically well for Real Madrid: five of its players appear among the 20 players with the best market value in the world. The first of all is Achraf, appearing in eighth place with an estimated value of 54 million of euros. The Spanish-Moroccan winger has been exploiting in the Bundesliga (first as a left winger, now acting in the right lane) since arriving in 2017. In these two years his value has increased by 12: he has gone from being valued at 5 million to 60 The coronavirus pandemic, which has slowed down all sports competition, has devalued it by six million, to leave it at those 54 million; Even so, he is the highest rated Moroccan player. The same case has happened to Fede Valverde, also valued at 54 million, and that it reached its peak in March, with a value of 60 million euros. Madrid bought him in May 2015 for just 5 million: he was the emerging star of the Uruguayan U-17 team and one of Peñarol's strongest promises. Now their value has almost multiplied by 11 … They are the two Real Madrid players with the best market value. Rodrygo, Vinicius and Odegaard follow, the three valued at 45 million euros. Curiously, Madrid paid those 45 million for Vinicius and Rodrygo. For Odegaard he hardly had to pay an amount between 3 and 4 million euros to Stromsgodset for his transfer. Little expense for such profitability.

On that list the names of players who have been linked to the white team for the future appear, next or far according to Madrid's interests. The first is nothing but Kylian Mbappé. The PSG striker, who is constantly linked to him, It has a market value of 180 million euros. The second is Jadon Sancho, English attacker of Borussia Dortmund, with an estimated value of 117 million. They are the only players to break the 100 million mark. Another of the players who sound to reinforce the attack Real Madrid in Norwegian striker Erling Haaland, who appears in sixth position with a price of 72 million. It should be remembered that Borussia Dortmund signed him at the end of 2019 for an amount of 20 million euros. In just three months, its market value has tripled. Like Dayot Upamecano, which in just one year has gone from moving around 30 million to around 50 (Currently its market value is set at 45). Now after the outbreak of the pandemic, all the teams will refine their market movements, but it is already known: “Whoever dares, wins.”