Madridista in disguise: Barça gives a prize to Valdano!

Lies have very short legs Valdano. He played being young in the Madrid, but has never shown appreciation towards the club. In fact, his life as a commentator is dedicated to criticizing the white team, praising the numerous times Barça. He always comments that he is Real Madrid, but his exterior and actions say otherwise.

This Tuesday was honorary for Jorge Valdano. He has received the XIV Manuel Vázquez Montalbán International Journalism Award in the Camp Nou. A casuality. The former Argentine player has always recognized that his pleasure is in favor of Madridbut his opinions as a commentator say a lot about his hatred of the team of Florentine.

In his delivery he had the option of dedicating some words, and he commented that it had been very difficult to succeed as a footballer. Although, with all due respect, it is harder for him to admit his Madridista costume. His heart and way of thinking about culé.

You will never hear a compliment from Valdano towards some player of Madrid, no matter how well I play. He is not able to positive the football that gives off the white set. The Argentine will be suffering from the beautiful this season, seeing the team of Zidane With such a severe attitude.