Madrid will be dyed with the colors of Ukraine on May 28 in a solidarity march for peace


The ‘Madrid Futuro x Ukraine’ initiative will turn the streets of the capital into a large Ukrainian flag on May 28 in the 5-kilometre march organized by Madrid Futuro in collaboration with Cáritas, the Red Cross and Unicef, in which the funds raised They will go to humanitarian aid in the former Soviet country and the reception of refugees.

The march is organized to show the support of the people of Madrid with Ukraine, at war since last February, and both the Madrid Mayor’s Office and the Embassy of Ukraine participate in it. The tour will begin in the Plaza de Cuzco and will have its goal in the Neptune Fountain.

The goal is for people of all ages to march for peace. The president of Madrid Futuro, Manuel Bretón, assured that Ukraine is experiencing a “true humanitarian tragedy”. “Thousands of families have fled their homes in search of refuge, and we cannot remain impassive. In Madrid Futuro we want to contribute our grain of sand and show Ukrainians that they are not alone. From Madrid to kyiv and Mariupol, together we will walk through the peace,” he explained.

The executive president of Madrid Futuro, Pablo Vázquez, pointed in the same direction. “We encourage all the people of Madrid to put on their shoes and march for peace. It doesn’t matter if you are not an expert runner, the important thing is to take a step together in support of the Ukrainian people. The race for Ukraine is more than a march, it is a movement for peace. We will create a large blue and yellow flag in Madrid, a symbol of our support,” he said.

All proceeds will go to Cáritas, Red Cross and Unicef, who work on the ground and help refugees fleeing war so they can continue to carry out their duties and improve the lives of those affected by war. Madrid Futuro has already achieved, in collaboration with the Madrid City Council, more than one million euros through companies and institutions that have donated more than 400 boxes in one week.

The Embassy of Ukraine will give a speech at the exit and will lead ‘Madrid Futuro x Ukraine’, where the attendance and participation of another large number of embassies and representatives of both different Spanish and Madrid governments that have been significant in this fight for peace.