Madrid trolls Barça with the difference of 4 points

Happiness at Real Madrid for its consolidated leadership in the League Championship (74 points to 70) is increasingly undisguised, logical if we consider that before the break due to the pandemic Zidane's team came from losing at Benito Villamarín against Betis (2-1) and was relegated to second place, two points behind Barça.

But the puncture of Setien's against Atletico, last Tuesday, and the suffered victory of the whites against Getafe de Bordalás provoked a nice reaction on Real Madrid's own social networks. On the club's official Twitter, a message has been seen that has not gone unnoticed by anyone. With two hands that point to a number 4, add this text: “How many points do we get from the second place, Sergio Ramos?”

Shield / Flag Barcelona

The photograph that accompanies the tweet is that of the captain pointing out precisely his bib, with number 4 on his back, just after transforming the penalty that gave Madrid the victory, clearly reinforcing his leadership. Now, Barça are four points behind (and the particular goalaverage lost) and the author of the break was Ramos … with 4 behind. The success of the tweet admits no doubts. Within six hours of uploading it to Twitter, he already had more than 20,000 ‘likes’ and nearly 4,500 retweets.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid