Madrid looks to Özil and Müller to continue their project

The exceptional role played by the German team in South Africa did not go unnoticed on the noble floor of the Bernabéu. Florentino Pérez, which was always liked by players with a lot of media impact, was especially focused on the explosion of Özil and in the striking irruption of Müller. The first, in the Werder Bremen, it was easier to remove than the second, who definitely exploded in the world and the Bayern He soon pointed him out as his next franchise man. After a disappointing first season of Kaka, who had high hopes for this month in which things did not turn out well, Özil became the fashionable man of Europe.

TO MourinhoFor his part, the one that caught his attention was Schweinsteiger. The difficulty was the same as that mentioned with Müller and, that same month of July, it ended up closing Khedira, a different profile for the same position. It was not the technician's first choice Setúbal, but would soon become a cornerstone of your team. As he did with Ronaldo in 2002 and would do in 2014 with James, Kroos and Keylor, Florentino Pérez was fishing again in the biggest tournament in football.