Madrid, each time further away in Atlético's rearview mirror

The white defeat of this Saturday against I raised (1-2) added to the subsequent victory of Atlético de Madrid before him Cadiz (2-3) has caused the Real Madrid is already ten points from the head. This without counting that the mattress box, which still has a game to play, to win it, can be placed at thirteen points. An already practically unbridgeable distance.

The ties of Real Madrid before Elche (1-1) and Osasuna (0-0) in recent weeks and the aforementioned defeat against Levante, have caused Zidane's team to practically say goodbye to the league title, the one they won last year after a very prolific final sprint.

The hope derby, in March

Before facing Atlético de Madrid, which is when a point can be scratched directly, Real Madrid must make full of victories in matches, a priori, simple.

You must visit Huesca, receive Getafe Y Valencia, take a trip to Pucela, and end up receiving the Real society, after playing the first leg of the round of 16 Champions.

Thus, it will not be until March 7, and at Wanda, when Real Madrid can continue fighting for LaLiga or, on the contrary, finish saying goodbye if it has not already done so.