Madrid-City controversy: attack on Modric, a clear penalty…

The first controversy of the Champions League semi-final second leg between Real Madrid and Manchester City came just after the 7th minute of the match. Casemiro committed a foul on De Bruyne that Orsato sanctioned, but without admonishing the Brazilian midfielder. When the City players surrounded the Italian referee to protest, a scuffle broke out between Laporte and Modric in which the central skyblue he slapped the Croatian. Orsato made a Solomonic decision and showed a yellow card to both players.

Shield/Flag Real Madrid

Shield/Flag M. City

“If he puts the red on Laporte, he cannot say anything, but since there is no excessive force, the VAR cannot enter and it stays on yellow. Modric faces Laporte, in a confrontation when two players face each other, both must be admonished. The only thing the referee has done wrong is not admonish Casemiro”, comments Iturralde González in the live broadcast of Carrusel Deportivo. “For me it is not red, but a player cannot buy tickets and leave the referee to make a mistake“, adds the referee of AS and Cadena SER.

Laporte’s slap to Modric could be interpreted as violent behavioraccording to rule 12 of the football regulations for all competitions: “The player who, without being in competition for the ball, deliberately hits an opponent or any other person in the head or face with his hand or arm, the action will be considered violent conduct, unless the force used is insignificant.”

The precedent of Celta-Granada from the last League

The VAR does not usually enter into the type of fights such as those experienced between Laporte and Modric and more so when the referee is so close. But from the VOR they could enter if they interpret that the City defender’s slap to the Croatian is an aggression and not a mere accidental action. If it is an aggression, it would be a direct red card for Laporte, one of the four cases in which this technology can intervene. In Spain interventions have already been seen for this type of set. Last year, Sánchez Martínez, an international referee who acts as a VAR in Champions League matches, warned Díaz de Mera of an Okay slap on the ear to Luis Milla, while the latter was on the ground. It was considered that it was an aggression, as the slap to Modric can be interpreted. It is rare that VAR enters these discussions.

Penalty from Rúben Dias to Benzema in extra time (93′)

The penalty kick by Rúben Dias to Benzema (93').

The penalty kick by Rúben Dias to Benzema (93′).

Iturralde is resounding with the action that gave rise to the maximum penalty that the French striker converted to make it 3-1. “It’s a very clear penalty,” Iturralde sentences.

Possible penalty for Cancelo’s handball not sanctioned (105′)

Cancelo's handball in the penalty area (105').

Cancelo’s handball in the penalty area (105′).

“It’s a hand that is in a natural position, it doesn’t get big and it comes unexpectedly so you can’t push it away. It’s not punishable,” explains Iturralde.