Madrid approved and suspended: Asensio is back

Courtois: He couldn't do anything on the first goal. In the second he cannot be blamed either, although his clearance to the first shot was too focused. He made a saving intervention that avoided the 0-3.

Lucas Vazquez: Very adapted to the position of winger, he carried danger in attack, both reaching the baseline and partnering with Asensio. His defensive weak point was seen at 1-0, when he did not cover Thuram or knock him offside.

Varane: He continues his ordeal with the Champions League: he failed in the 1-0 clearance, with a header to the middle that originated the play that ended in a goal. It was not his best day. In the last minute, his mistake could cost dearly.

Ramos: He had no major errors, although he failed to order the defense so that Madrid was solid behind. Borussia always gave the feeling of creating danger with little. In attack, he assisted Casemiro's goal in discount.

Mendy: Gray night of the French. He did not contribute anything in attack and in defense he made a huge error in the second goal: he was nailed, confused, and broke the offside.

Casemiro: He suffered a lot to stop Borussia's counterattacks, because in many plays he was too alone in the middle. In attack he was the savior of Madrid: he prevented the ball from leaving that led to the 1-2 (he assisted Benzema) and scored the tie in discount.

Kroos: He was playing an impeccable game until in the play of the goal he made a very serious error in a bad pass in the exit of the ball. That detracted him, he began to be imprecise and he was replaced by Modric.

Valverde: He had a lot of presence in the opposite field, both in pressure and in white attacks. With his usual display, he was the best of the three from the center of the field who started as starters.

Asensio: His best game since he returned from injury. He left high-quality plays and his overflows, with his usual power in the starts, invite hope in a special way. He brushed the goal in three shots on goal, with a shot to the crossbar included.

Vinicius: Very gray acting. With the will and desire of always to be an agitator in attack, but imprecise in all facets. He had a very clear chance in the second half that he sent very off the track.

Benzema: His game was very weak until the final stretch, although he saved his performance by scoring the goal that allowed Madrid to reach the final minutes alive.

Modric: He went out for Kroos and improved to German. Participative, intense, he put a lot of criteria in Madrid's game.

Hazard: He returned after his injury and had no luck: he missed a very clear chance that would have shortened the gap.

Rodrygo: He came out in the final minutes and barely had time to do anything.