Madrid and the 'club of 2,000'

The wrinkle denotes experience and in this Real Madrid without signings, is being more valuable than ever. Madrid finished last season by sweeping The Coronavirus League and now he is the leader in this just started, the sequel to that one, sustained on the scars of five footballers with many battles for the club in tow and that together add up to more than 2,000 matches as Real Madrid players. The 2,000 club. Is about Bouquets (654 encounters) and Varane (323), Casemiro (244), ahead the reborn Modric (347) and up a Benzema The one who shows the most hardened face at 32 years old (517 matches). In total, the calculator shows 2,028 games for Madrid among this quintet that is still very much in force in Zizou's plans. As Ramos said last season, “Children to stay aside”.

There is no precedent in other big clubs, which are not pulling players with a record of that caliber. In the surprising leader of the Premier, the Everton James and Ancelotti, the most experienced footballer at the club is the forward Calvert-Lewin… With only 140 games for the toffee. In the also surprising Bayern, for not being leaders of the Bundesliga (yet), there is a clear renewal of the team but his column of veterans does not reach that of Madrid either: between Neuer (392 games for the Bavarian team), Praise (389), Müller (540) and Lewandowski (294) add up to 1,615. Adding to Kimmich, the helm of the team at 25 years old, still remain at 1840. At PSG, the most veteran are Verratti (319) and Marquinhos (287), less between the two than Ramos as a Madridista.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Ramos, Benzema, Varane and Modric.

In the new Juventus Pirlo, removing Chiellini (512) and Bonucci (409) and the almost symbolic Buffon (671), the rest barely managed to exceed one hundred games as bianconeri except for Dybala (228) and Cuadrado (184). In England, for example, clubs that traditionally rely on fan bases such as Manchester United they throw curious cases: there only From Gea It far exceeds 300 matches with the Red Devils (346).

And Marcelo could join …

The contribution of the highly experienced may increase in case Marcelo appear on the scene. Right now the Brazilian is relegated to a secondary role by Mendy's exponential growth as threeBut the season is long and his role in recent white history has been essential. He large number of matches with the Real Madrid jersey (510) so it testifies. And Zidane never disgusts him to have the old guard.