Machín: “I'm worried about Manu's issue”

Pablo Machin he's busy. He is concerned about the lack of personnel in his squad, in which there are still quite a few players that he does not have, between six and seven, and there are still two or three reinforcements that he considers necessary. The Soriano coach expressed his concern because the injury of Manu It is taking longer than expected and hinted at the need to strengthen the midfield and lanes.

He was happy because Adrian Marin He already trains with the rest of his teammates, although, as he indicated, “he still needs” to be able to join the team. “The most worrying thing is the issue of Manu”, He stated in a very serious tone. “Weeks go by and we can't have him with the group,” he lamented. “At first it seemed that it was not going to be so important, but the days go by and we need everyone's contribution,” he stressed with the hope that doctors and recuperators “find a solution to be able to count on him as soon as possible.”

“A conservative treatment has been opted for and I don't know if going under the knife is a solution, because I think that at no time has it been considered,” he said.. Before starting the official competition, the captain himself revealed that he had sacrificed the summer to try to recover with some infiltrations. You have a foot problem that is getting more complicated than expected.

Beyond his sporting quality, the coach from Soria stressed the importance that Gasteiz has in the mood of the dressing room. “He has been the heart of the team for being the captain and the numbers reflect that, historically, he has been the transmitter of that spirit of El Glorioso“, he pointed. In the past year, their presence in the games against Getafe and Betis helped boost the morale of a team that was also reactivated with the arrival of Lopez Muniz and managed to add four vital points to save himself.

In addition, he recalled that the captain will need margin to take the form. “Not being able to have it and, in addition, knowing that when it is already going to need some time to get in tune also limits us,” he resigned visibly concerned about the lack of troops that his squad suffers right now in the wide zone.

Lejeune, yeah

Pablo Machin are satisfied with the arrival of Florian Lejeune, a signing that he expressly recommended. “He has come to help us and to complement us. I see him well, “he explained, making it clear that he is ready to debut this Sunday. However, he did not make it clear that he will be the starter because “Ruben Duarte he is also doing well ”. “Both he and Ximo can be adapted to play on the sides of the line of three. In defense we have options, but not in other positions ”, he pointed out.


He is convinced that “the club will do everything possible to have the best squad in its centenary.” He was transparent when defining the positions that, right now, need to be reinforced. “There is the current situation of the center of the field and the lanes,” he clarified, making clear the need to incorporate more troops in those positions.

Although he considers positive “the offensive profile” of two extremes such as Edgar mendez and Luis Rioja and praised his “commitment in defense”, he did make it clear that “neither of them was used to playing lane regularly and they are two reconverted players.”

Clearer, impossible. Machin demand reinforcements, but Sergio Fernandez you already warned last Monday. More exits must be closed to lighten the number of troops and to be able to meet the salary limit when signing new players.

Pablo Machin It is clear that the current situation of the pandemic is complicated, but also considers that “there are measures without excessive logic.” “The changing room is necessary, not only for the instructions of the coaches, but also for the routines and rituals that the players must do,” he explained. He also wants to have fans in the stands of Mendizorrotza as soon as possible. “We miss his encouragement a lot and in other shows there is an audience. Taking into account that stadiums are open spaces, it would be good if there were at least a percentage of spectators in the stands ”, he demanded.