Lydia Valentín receives her 'Iberdrola Gold Footprint' in recognition of her career


Former Spanish weightlifter Lydia Valentín, triple Olympic medalist, received a heartfelt tribute at the 'Iberdrola' facilities, where she was presented with the 'Iberdrola Golden Footprint' diploma in recognition of her entire sporting career.

The Leonese, gold in London 2012, silver in Beijing 2008 and bronze in Rio de Janeiro 2016 and who announced her retirement last September, stamped her handprints on a mold, a memory that will be exhibited along with that of other athletes such as the former karate fighter Sandra Sánchez or the former swimmer Ona Carbonell in the company's offices in Madrid, as indicated by 'Iberdrola' this Friday in a press release.

With this gesture, the energy company wanted to recognize Valentín's brilliant career, while also thanking her for the involvement with equal opportunities that she has developed as one of its Ambassadors.

The Leonese, who was accompanied by the CEO of Iberdrola, Mario Ruíz-Tagle, thanked the company for the support, which allowed her in her career to focus “on training and competitions” and see herself “supported.”

Since 2016, 'Iberdrola' has been a pioneer in promoting women's equality through sports in Spain, already benefiting more than 600,000 female athletes through its support for 32 sports federations, which translates into the promotion two out of every three federated women.

Since then, the company's initiatives have led to a 42 percent increase in the number of women's licenses from the supported federations and it has more than 100 competitions with its own name, including 32 leagues.