Lydia Lozano's unfortunate lapse after remembering Concha Velasco in the new TVE program

The signing of Lydia Lozano on TVE is marked by a setback. After learning of the death of Concha Velascofrom the aforementioned channel they organized a special on the artist's life in Blood tiespresented by Jordi Gonzalez, after the recent cancellation of Square. After his success in Every man for himself!the journalist landed on public television with a slight lapse when remembering the figure of the eternal Yeyé girl.

Jordi introduced Lydia Lozano with a sincere hug. Later, the Catalan joked with the journalist and assured that her presence on set was not a hologram. Lydia responded with a sincere laugh and assured: “I came to see you and see you. I missed you.”

During the broadcast of the program, the former talk show host Save me Velasco's sincerity stood out. “In addition to being an artist, she is one of the most sincere women we have interviewed on set, in a magazine, she never made a montage, she exposed her life as she lived it. That is appreciated,” she highlighted. .

The presenter asked Lozano why he had come to the program wearing a shirt with red roses. For her part, the collaborator explained: “Well, when I went to her house to interview her and such, I always brought her roses and she loved it. Today, on top of the coffin, there was a rose and I saw this jacket and I said: 'For Rosa' … 'Por Concha'”, the journalist ended her first intervention on TVE with a slight lapse.