Lydia Lozano, worried about her husband: “She can’t even take the dog out anymore”

Lydia Lozano She is not going through a good family streak despite having a job, which is precisely what Lydia Lozano is most disconnected from. After her spectacular fall in dance as you canwhich ended with the journalist in the operating room undergoing back surgery, as this newspaper reported, now the journalist of the ersatz Save me (It’s not like we were shhhh) experiences a new setback. It’s the man’s fault in his life. Her husband, Charlyis generally discreet and out of the spotlight, but he is one of those popular consorts thanks to some covers and his shout-out on the show. Celebrities in the water when Lydia jumped off the diving board shouting “for Charlyyyyyy.” The architect turned 72 years old in January (he is nine years older than Lydia) and endures the ailments of age. Charly is not going through a good moment of health. Lately he can’t go out to walk the dog like he used to do, although in recent months he already did it with a crutch. Now not even that: “He can’t even take the dog out anymore,” they repeat to us.

In fact, as you have learned Informalia According to sources close to the journalist, he has also had to undergo surgery for an ailment that the architect had suffered for a long time: “A serious and painful ailment because he has also had to rest and is now undergoing rehabilitation. Everything has come together.” says a friend of both. “Thank goodness Lydia has a wonderful character and nothing takes away from her optimism and desire to move forward. In fact, she hasn’t stopped working practically any day, except those required by her back surgery. Afterwards, she ran out to continue working. the sets because that gives her a lot of life,” she assures us.

Lydia can do it all and when her professional commitments allow it, she dedicates herself body and soul to her husband. She adores him and takes great care of him. Her own operation, as they tell us, was also a shock for her, although they both trusted the doctors: “And everything went well,” they tell us.

The architect already underwent surgery a few years ago due to a herniated disc. And then he didn’t have a good time either. The recovery was slow and painful, but with the care of the woman in his life, he fortunately overcame it. Lydia Lozano and Charly married in 1990. They began their relationship after the journalist broke up with an intimate of the architect, as she herself has said on more than one occasion: “I was dating a friend of his, but the relationship was not good. We went to dinner at Charly’s family’s house and he opened the door, wearing pants and green sneakers. He called me the next day to meet up… and until today, Charly asked me: ‘How are you, princess?’ And I replied something crude: ‘I don’t have the guts to make noises.’ Then he invited me to dinner and we went on a trip to Marrakech. There, in the casino, he wrote me a note in French on a coaster: ‘I want to get married. with you the day we met, three years from now.’ And so it was, on June 22, 1990 they celebrated their wedding. Since then they have not separated, although it is true that he has always been away from his wife’s profession.

As we have already mentioned, Lydia also underwent back surgery just three weeks ago after her time at dance as you can. He fell and injured a rib, but he also suffered from spinal pain and ended up in the operating room. “I’m wearing the belt again,” she said during the presentation of It’s not like we were shhh. It’s not the first time it’s happened to her. In 2022, she had emergency surgery on the eighth vertebra and she had to spend some time recovering. It was during the last stage in Save me and there he told it, as always, with his sense of humor: “Now I’m like Robocop. I have like a backpack with an iron bar behind it.” A year later she had cervical surgery and also surgery on her arm.