Lydia Lozano confirms her “veto” and explodes against Mediaset: “They beheaded us, they cut off our heads”

What Lydia Lozano He doesn’t mince his words, it’s no surprise. It is not the first time that the talk show host Mornings talks about the end of the now extinct Save mebut she is the first to do it in front of her former boss, Carlota Corredera. It has been in Superlativesthe podcast hosted by the presenter, where she has spoken openly to point out those responsible for her departure from Mediaset: “They beheaded us, they cut off our heads. The dome on the fourth floor. Borja Prado, Salem and such”thus pointing to the former president of the group and its current CEO.

“I see everything very static. I have worked in a heart of La Latina and now I see a lot of Ritz and a lot of Palace. There is a lot of posturing,” he began by saying. Lozano assures that the content of Save me “It wasn’t fictional, it was true”.

About the drop in audiences that Telecinco has suffered since the cancellation of Save mehas pointed out: “They haven’t found the balance since they kicked us out, from what we did to what there is now…”. At participants of dance as you can He added that “it seems unfair” what has been done with the cast of the format: “We have behaved very well, very well. We have been outstanding children. I think people must be recognized for their work and the audiences.” “. And he has also revealed that they worked with a very low budget: “We did it with two guys, with great professionals behind us. They caught some of them on the fly”he released.

Mediaset’s veto of Lydia Lozano

It’s been nine months since Save me closed but Lydia Lozano is still very hurt: “It annoys me that people say that the program is over. No, it’s over Save me and the Deluxe, program that had been going on for fourteen years. A little respect, we have given fourteen years of our life. “It seems very unfair to me what has been done to us.”. Although he has not spoken directly about Fridaythe program that replaced Deluxe on the Telecinco grid, he has shown his discomfort with the change of format: “It hurts me that there is no talk about Deluxe and now a family program is coming (Friday) because we were not familiar at all”.

To conclude his intervention in the Carlota Corredera format, Lozano has let it slip that Mediaset has banned him from its programs: “I see the people of Telecinco on all the programs […]. I have a representative who calls and says ‘Do you want me to go to such and such…?’ and they answer ‘I would love for Lydia to be here, but she can’t.’ For me it is a veto. “I know everything they told him.”.