Luuk de Jong: “Of course we talked about it, being a champion is a dream”

The dutch Luuk de Jong is enjoying the possibility that the Seville get into really fighting with the greats for the title. The Dutch striker believes that his team can give the bell and that it is certainly the one that has the least to lose of the contenders.

“We have to recover the most points, that is our disadvantage, but we are also the least of the four teams to lose. Our goal was to qualify for the Champions League and we have almost achieved that. Now we can play freely and we'll see. There is still a Barcelona-Atlético and a Madrid-Sevilla to play. Many things still have to happen in the fight for the title ”, the international commented in an interview in his country, specifically in the newspaper‘ Algemeen Dagblad ’

“Of course we talk about it, although we know that there are three teams above us that have to lose points. That is why we are not overly concerned. You never know. Becoming champion is, of course, a dream ”, insists the forward

De Jong reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of Sevilla's three rivals. “It is really difficult to predict what is going to happen in this crazy coronavirus year. How much does the advantage of playing at home still count? A week ago we beat Atlético and in that game they disappointed me a bit. But we were very good. We also beat Barcelona 2-0 in the first Cup semi-final, but they have recovered well afterwards. And at Real Madrid you see how much the most veteran players still contribute: Modric, Kroos, Benzema … They went full blast in the rain against Barcelona ”, he concluded.