Lunin does not hide his love for Madrid although he does not know about his future

Lunin has started his new adventure in the Oviedo after his assignments to Leganés Y Valladolid have failed. The goalkeeper, who does not hide his unconditional love for him Real Madrid Since he was little, he says he has contact with the club but does not know what will happen to his future. At the moment it seems that in the Oviedo things are going as expected, and the other day he offered a real recital in Vallecas

Your adventure when leaving the Real Madrid did not start as the player had wished at first, and his assignments to Leganés Y Valladolidthey did not work, because the goalkeeper did not enjoy minutes: “Why did not I play in Leganés? That is to ask the coach, I do not know, I worked to play. For me it was hard not to play, neither in Leganés nor in the Valladolid, I want to keep growing. ”

As for his future in the Real Madrid says “I don't know anything about Madrid for next season; we are in contact with the club but I don't know anything.” The white team has made a commitment to the future with young promises and we must not forget that Lunin is one of them, so his return to the Bernabéu is close. (DC News: the money it has cost to break the transfers)

Finally, the goalkeeper does not hide his passion for him Madrid: “I already said it in the presentation, since I was little, at age 12, I was already from Real Madrid.”