Lukaku is not just a goal

If I was a central, Romelu Lukaku would be one of those forwards that you would never want to have up front and running towards you. The Belgian, of 1.91 and a few kilos of pure fiber and muscle, is neither a clumsy nor slow striker. Printing all the strength of his lower body on the ground, he runs like a stampede but one man.

In Milan, after a difficult time at Manchester United, he has found his place. The Belgian fit like a glove with Conte and his system. Also with Lautaro, his best partner and with whom they feed back at the top of Inter. In addition, he improved physically thanks to the work of the club and his own, which adjusted his diet to refine the giant and get all his power.

This year they have Inter leading thanks to their 21 goals and eight assists. His power, his scoring ability and his talent when it comes to shooting and watching the net always stand out, but behind the obvious, there is more.

Inter Shield / Flag

“Conte always says that we forwards are the first defenders, that's why both my teammates and I try to put an end to the rivals' plays. and the whole team benefits from it “, says Romelu in an interview with 433, demonstrating the commitment to teamwork as a determining factor.

The pass before the goal pass

In addition to his work and his deployment in both phases, Lukaku is one of the best forwards in the world when it comes to playing from behind. and the statistics reflect its importance in a vital action and not as tangible as goals: the pass before the goal pass.

In data provided by BeSoccer, the forward accumulates an average of 0.18 every ninety minutes. That is, in addition to his average of 0.89 goals per game, he has an excellent rating at the level of producing for his teammates.Yes, even if he is not the one who offers the last pass. That benchmark position also keeps him among the forwards with the highest average touches in the area per game. That area where his numbers show that he is infallible.

The Belgian, whose effectiveness is proven, also has a good habit of scoring the most difficult goal: the first. Four goals from Cristiano Ronaldo, Lukaku has the Scudetto on track and pursues the capocannionere to add the second top scorer title to your resume after carrying the golden bull on his back in Belgium after being his country's top scorer in 09-10.