Luis Suárez's puzzle: Barça, Atlético, PSG …

Calm, at least for the moment, the soap opera around Leo Messi, At the Camp Nou, deliveries around Luis Suárez (33 years old) are happening these days. For the Uruguayan, as the journalist Gerard Romero announced in RAC1, the option of Juventus has fallen. However, he manages with his closest circle another three: stay at Barcelona, ​​go to Atlético de Madrid or go to PSG. Neither the striker nor the club, which wants to do without him and incorporate Depay, know how this puzzle will be solved.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

The first route is not ruled out at all, as they fear at the Camp Nou. The strategy of the third top scorer in Barca's history, who feels mistreated by the board and Koeman for the way in which he was told that they did not have him, it is based on not making your goodbye easy. That means that his intention is not to forgive a euro of the 14 million that he has stipulated for his last year of contract. Also, if the entity insists on not paying them in full or does not comply with its conditions to be able to commit to another team, it will rush until the end of the market, until they give up in the offices, or even stay. For this it has a very important ally, a Messi who will also continue and who insists in which you bet on this formula. In the background, a 'threat': if events continue to turn and he played 60% of the 2020-21 matches, he could automatically renew.

Atlético or PSG, other projects in the elite for Suárez

On the other hand, Atlético has recently gained a lot of strength, who maintains contact with his advisers to try to sign, with Miguel Ángel Gil participating in these movements. There are two handicaps, however, for Suárez to finish in the Wanda Metropolitano: although he sees with better eyes dressing rojiblanco every time, the athletic offer will be considerably lower and, in addition, Diego Costa or Morata must first leave to balance the accounts.


In those appears the PSG, which has probed the matter on more than one occasion. There have been calls to find out first-hand about the situation, although it is known that the operation would be very complex. The 'Neymar Case' or what happened with Verratti are not positive precedents for Barça to open their hand. The move to Paris would require a prior disassociation that, according to the current state of affairs, is going to be delayed …