Luis Rubiales’s mother addresses the entire country from inside the parish: “Until my body holds out”

Angeles Bejarthe mother of Luis Rubiales, has already assumed her third day of confinement and indefinite hunger strike inside the Divina Pastora de Motril church, since this Monday she made the decision to vindicate what she considers an “inhuman and bloody hunt” towards his son, disqualified by FIFA as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and investigated by the Prosecutor for the controversial kiss on the mouth of the athlete Jenni Beautiful.

This Tuesday at 8:00 p.m., Béjar has offered the first press conference inside the parish, which has been covered by Telecinco, among other media. Luis’s mother, accompanied at all times by her sister-in-law, has received journalists sitting in a chair where she apparently spent the last night. She has assured that she is “fine” and that he wants to “continue”, despite the express request of her son that he abandon the claim. “Until my body endures”, she has sentenced herself.

Luis Rubiales is not in Motril

Ángeles has flatly denied the rumor that the canary is located in Motril. And she, furthermore, has continued to insist on her request since day one: she asks Jenni Hermoso to “tell the truth”, since she knows that her son is “good and honest”.

The National and Local Police, there

Before the appearance in front of the photojournalists, the parish priest of this small church, who considers that Rubiales’ mother “is a very good person,” also offered the classic mass every afternoon on Tuesday. To avoid problems, the woman on hunger strike has been removed from the sight of the parishioners of the parish, where a security device made up of agents of the National and Local Police.