Luis Rubiales, “very worried” about his mother after his first day on hunger strike

Motril (Granada) has become a point of high information tension. In the Church of the Divine Pastor, the mother of Luis Rubiales, Ángeles Béjar, has been on a hunger strike since Monday, August 28 for what she considers “an inhumane and bloody hunt” against her son for kissing Jenni Hermoso on the mouth .

Not only the mother of the Spanish soccer leader, but also his cousins ​​and a friend, María Mora, who revealed how Rubiales is after Ángeles Béjar shielded herself in the church and refused to eat and drink. “He’s having a very bad time, he’s very worried because he can’t do anything for her. All the people around him know how loving and good he is. He has his daughters. He would never do that… He’s a lovely person,” he insisted. the friend in an interview This is life.

The kiss, “it seemed like a nice act,” insists a friend

María Mora added: “I didn’t see the gesture from the box (when Rubiales touched his genitals) at the time, I saw it later. It was a gesture encouraging his partner and effusiveness.” She also released her opinion about the kiss to Jenni Hermoso: “I thought it was a nice act, they were celebrating that they had been champions. It was a moment of emotion and he asked her permission. He was super happy because he has fought a lot so that this could be achieved. The kiss was secondary. I only know that it was an act that she told him”. In addition, he showed his concern for Rubiales’ mother: “She is having a bad time, she will stay here (in the church) until Jenni tells the truth, that her son asked her permission before I give him that kiss.”