Luis Rubiales, sentenced to double his daughters’ pension by increasing his income tenfold

The changes for Luis Rubiales they grow at a dizzying pace. The former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and the former vice president of UEFA is forced by justice to double the alimony, which he pays to his ex-wife for the support of his three daughters. The reason: a “substantial increase” in their income. As reported The Spanish newspaper This Friday, September 8.

From this same newspaper they point out that, in 2011, the manager earned 97,237 euros as net income from his work. In 2020, when he had already been in office for two and a half years, he started earning 955,079 euros.

The tenfold increase in his income would have motivated his ex, from whom he separated in 2013, to request a review of the support that Luis Rubiales has to give him for the three daughters they have in common.

The request has been refuted by Rubiales himself in court. The magistrates justify the decision to increase the pension by “the sharp increase in Rubiales’ remuneration. A situation that has to be reflected,” they say.

As you may have known The Spanish newspaperthe ruling of the Provincial Court of Valencia does not accept the arguments of Luis Rubiales, who refused to increase the payments intended for his daughters.

However, the magistrates point out: “In the event that their remuneration also decreases on a lasting and significant basis, it may be of interest to reduce their alimony contribution for their daughters.”