Luis Rubiales’ mother suffers an anxiety attack and is taken to the hospital

The hunger strike is over. three days after Angeles Bejar barricaded himself in the Divina Pastora church in Motril to protest the public harassment and lynching of his son, the mother of the president of the RFER has left the church through the back door after suffering a worsening of health and an anxiety crisis.

“She was very bad, she was dizzy and had anguish. She had palpitations and her feet had swollen a lot,” the parish priest of the church reported. “She was drinking water and isotonic but she was already feeling very bad.” The priest has indicated that she had left through the back door, accompanied by a relative and by her own foot.

According to her statements, Luis Rubiales has been one of the people who has contacted her to convince her to end her confinement: “Yes, her son has called her and between him and other relatives they have decided that her mother go to the Motril hospital.