Luis Miguel’s ex, unleashed in public: Aracely Arámbula ignores Paloma Cuevas’ boyfriend with this nickname

A video of Aracely Arambulathe ex of Luis Miguel, runs like wildfire on social networks, especially in Latin America. The Mexican actress attended the influencer show in recent days Jorge Lozano H.known especially across the pond for his funny jokes about heartbreak.

The former Sol de México became one of the stars of the night when she grabbed the microphone and sent a message of encouragement to all the women who suffer for a man: “If I came out of the cockroach king, you can come out of any boy. Marital status? Ungovernable.” Although she did not make direct reference to the interpreter of La Bikena… to the wise…

“Aracely Arámbula goes with everything about Luis Miguel and gave him a new nickname at a public event”, “Aracely Arámbula calls Luis Miguel ‘cockroach'” or “Aracely Arámbula throws everything at Luis Miguel and even gives him a new nickname” , Latin media have written in the last hours.

Jorge Lozano is known for phrases such as “today crying over a cockroach, tomorrow the owner of a whole ranch” and he presents the show all over the world. Marital status: Ungovernableso the show of the well-known influencer came in handy to remain publicly comfortable.

Aracely Arámbula is the mother of Luis Miguel’s two young children. Miguelwho was born at the beginning of 2007, and Danielwhich came to the world at the end of 2008. In March it became news in Spain after it was published that the boyfriend of dove caves, who lives more and more in Madrid, would be arrested if he set foot in Mexico. All because of the lawsuit in which Arámbula accuses him of not complying with the support of the children they have in common.

Almost twelve hours after the news came to light, Aracely’s own lawyer had to deny this information in a call to a Latin American media. It is not the first time that the actress takes advantage of her relationship with the artist and the projection that all aspects related to her private life always have to seek prominence. This last point indicates the origin of this news item, which, as it was found, was spread by Aracely herself.