Luis García Plaza: “Xavi is the league champion, but in Spain no one is forgiven”


The coach of Deportivo Alavés, Luis García Plaza, defended Xavi Hernández this Friday in his decision to leave FC Barcelona at the end of the season because, despite being “the current champion” of LaLiga EA Sports, “in Spain they do not forgive nobody”; while he is clear that they are going to receive “a great Barça” and that therefore it would be “great” to be able to beat them in Mendizorrotza this Saturday, giving more value to his team's moment than that of the rival.

“I think he has expressed his situation and if he has decided to do that it is because he really feels that way. For example, Arteta's results at the beginning with Arsenal, that is not allowed here. Xavi is the current league champion and if he won every two years it would be said that it is very good and it is in that average. But they are criticisms that I understand are for this sport, but it is in our football, because in other countries it does not happen,” expressed Luis García Plaza in the previous press conference. to the match against FC Barcelona.

The Madrid coach assured that in his profession they can have “one or two good years” and if they fail they are dismissed. “We are used to it and he will be suffering because above all he is 'culé', but this year he still has a competition that you never know, like the Champions League. Real Madrid has been an expert in that, in not doing well in league and then win the Champions League,” he noted.

“He feels that way and has preferred to leave, but so far I don't think Xavi's work is bad, that's my opinion, but in Spain no one is forgiven. I've been here for a year and a half, but the day I start If I fail, I'll go home. It's football and it's the pressure we have and we also carry it with a normal naturalness,” he analyzed.

On the other hand, the 51-year-old coach assured that he expects “a great Barça” despite his doubtful moment. “They are undefeated away from home and we are undervaluing a team that is being fearsome away from home. We are going to need a brutal atmosphere here, and as long as we don't give our all, we have zero chance of winning,” he admitted.

“We have to do a great defensive job and we are going to have the ball much less than other times. We are going to have to be sharp with the ball and compete in the game, but they are the favorites and it is going to be very difficult for us to win or score. It is the ideal moment to play against Barça, but for us, because we are doing well, but the difference between the teams is very big and even so, in our best moment, Barça can beat you and whoever does not see that has no idea about football “, he claimed.

Furthermore, García Plaza considers that FC Barcelona has “great players, capable of solving the problem on their own without playing well in a moment.” “A little like what happened there in the first leg, so we are going to put ourselves in position. This Saturday we need a brutal atmosphere here and for us all to be together,” he remarked.

“Barça is a great team that may not be at the same level of demand or success as Real Madrid and Girona, but it is still among the top four and continues to be a great team, with great players and “It's going to be very difficult for us to win or score. Now, don't hesitate when we're going to compete. We're going to go all out for them,” he confirmed.

The Alavés coach does not forget that they are “very good with 10 points above relegation”, but he was cautious. “I think that we coaches have to always be the ones who are a little bit contrary to the world. I think that our fans are very smart and know that we are made to suffer, to suffer, to fight every game and that we have a lot left to do “he warned.

“In this category you can find a streak of four or five games that you don't win, because it has happened to us, and then we have to continue calmly. But what is clear is that a victory tomorrow would be great, since getting to 29 or 27 points at this point would be taking another 'little step' forward and very important,” concluded the 'babazorro' coach.