Luis García Plaza: “It is very difficult, but we are going to dream of doing something beautiful”


The coach of Deportivo Alavés, Luis García Plaza, acknowledged this Monday that getting a positive result against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu “is very difficult”, although they dream of “doing something nice” in a duel for which rotations were advanced, At the same time, he expressed that the whites are building a squad “to dominate LaLiga for many years.”

“It is never easy, they are the League champion, they are in the Champions League final. They are a great team, lately they are rotating a lot and they are putting their second unit in theory, and they win 0-4 in Granada and they beat San Sebastián with the less common ones. It is very difficult, but we are going to play our game, try to continue this dynamic and dream of doing something nice,” said García Plaza at the press conference prior to this Tuesday’s match (9:30 p.m.).

The Madrid coach, 51 years old, made a “minimum” of five changes in his eleven, for a “very motivating, but very difficult” match, although going “without any pressure”, already saved, could be “a point in favor “. “We earned the chance to play these games last year with promotion, but now, this year, we earned the chance to play this game without any pressure,” he reaffirmed.

“I’m going to rotate a lot, not like the other day when it was rotated in a contained way. But not because we have been saved, it’s just that now you are at the height of the season, you play Friday, then we play Tuesday and they have already put us on Saturday again. We have to change, because there is a significant risk of injury. And I think it is good that people who have not entered play. It is a matter of not taking risks with anyone,” he said.

And the goal of the ‘albiazules’ will be to finish within the ‘top 10’. “It’s not going to be easy, because logic says that tomorrow we have a very difficult game. We deserve to finish happy. And finishing happy is competing, competing every game. The team is playing very well, doing things very well,” he praised. .

“I have seen the Manchester City game, let’s see if we are able to lock Madrid in there and not let them come out, but that is going to be difficult, it looks like it will be the other way around. Let’s not lose our identity and make our people proud,” analyzed the match at the Bernabéu, where he hopes that some of his players “can stand out” individually. “When you do something with a big team, it has a tremendous impact,” she reflected.

And García Plaza clings to the fact that “some team” of his level has managed to tie in the Madrid fiefdom. “I would almost tell you that we score in the last minute, because otherwise it will be complicated,” he said, alluding to the comebacks of Real Madrid, who will offer their fans the champion trophy. “We will respect your party, it has to be like that, as we will experience it on Saturday here with our people, and from there, we will compete,” he commented.

Finally, García Plaza confessed that he has the “feeling” that Real Madrid “is building a team to dominate the League for many years.” “Above all it seems that what is coming is coming, they are making a dominating team. I remember teams that won four, five, six leagues in a row. They are making an incredible squad, they are going to be a very difficult rival for many years,” he predicted, also analyzing the possible arrival of Kylian Mbappé to the white team.

“Mbappé is one of the best players in the world, when it is decided that he comes to Madrid, then we will comment, but he is not here tomorrow, leave me, I will suffer him,” he concluded.