Luis Enrique: “Leaders like Ramos can also learn”

Luis Enrique analyzed the match against Ukraine of this Tuesday in Kiev (8:45 p.m., TVE) corresponding to the fourth day of the group stage of the Nations League.

Ukraine. It is a team faithful to its way of playing, very interesting, well equipped technically, that withdraws and knows how to defend well. In Valdebebas we were much superior, but tomorrow it will be a different game, it will surely create difficulties for us and we will have to be very effective to overcome their pressure. Tomorrow vWe are going to need another good game to be able to overcome them.

Adama Traoré. I can play as a starter or come out as revulsive. I see both versions.

Ansu Fati. The problem with the forwards is that they always mark the man, Ansu and everyone. Our attack is based on generating the greatest number of actions and leaving the ball in the best conditions. Then are the forwards have to solve. You don't have to go crazy looking for things. Then the team can have a bad or good day. Unai will be very good when he plays.

Pau Torres and Ramos' couple. My decisions are there. Both Pau, Eric and Diego have done well, each contributing to their plot and trying to improve. They play with someone who is a reference, like Ramos, and they feel that they can play with him, help him, even correct him. Leaders also know they can learn new things“.

Match with public: “I think that looking at the big picture we have to appreciate that playing with spectators is somewhat optimistic, because it seems that we can find normality. Obviously, it is better for the home team. I will tell the players that they think they cheer for us. But playing with the public is a positive thing. “