BERLIN, Sep 18 (STATS Perform/dpa/EP) –

The coach of Paris Saint-Germain, the Spanish Luis Enrique Martínez, recalled before a new assault on the Champions League that “it is not a good sign when a person, a team or a club becomes obsessed with something”, while demanding time for his dressing room to assimilate his ideas after not having a “good start” to the season with only two victories in his first five league games.

“The objective in all competitions is to go as far as possible and try to win them, that is the objective of this club, which is ambitious. When a person or a team or a club becomes obsessed with something, it is not a good sign,” he warned. Luis Enrique at the press conference prior to his debut in the Champions League against Borussia Dortmund.

The Asturian asked “to have enthusiasm, hope and ambition.” “But obsessing doesn’t work in any aspect of life, so we are excited and motivated, full of desire to offer a show to our fans. We are looking forward to this competition starting,” he stressed.

The former Spanish coach acknowledged that he has not had “a great start” with PSG, but recalled that whenever he starts training a new club “there is a lot of information” that he must assimilate and “many situations to take into account.”

“I have a very receptive team and eager to take on new ideas, I am delighted with the behavior of the players and the team. The fans are fantastic, they provide total unconditional support, even though the results are not so good”, added the coach from Gijón.

He stressed that this process “is long.” “From my experience I know that it takes time. I don’t waste time because I already know how this works, I am very calm here, I am sure that we will play good football and get good results,” Luis Enrique stressed.

The PSG coach did not want to talk about his team’s candidacy for the title. “We will have to see how the competition develops. Football is a wonderful sport, any result is possible and, in theory, any team can win, and you can play well and lose, and you can play badly and win. As a club we are convinced and motivated in all the competitions in which we participate,” he said.