Luis Enrique: “I'm not worried about the lack of a goal, I like what I see”

The selector Luis Enrique constructively accepted the defeat before Ukraine (1-0). The Asturian did not believe that his team lacked too many things, although “it is true that in the face of goal we have not been right. We have had them, but in the end you have to put them in ”.

But he is not worried about the lack of a goal, or so at least he assured it, blaming that “when you have many occasions like before Ukraine, the normal thing is that they enter. Today has not been like that, but I am happy for the hunger I see in my players and in the work environment they create. I like what I see”.

About the game itself, Luis Enrique He confessed that he will have to see it repeated to analyze although he said that the defeat was not a surprise. “When you are attacking a withdrawn team you know that, with what they have up, they can make a transition and catch you. And that's what they did and we have to congratulate them, nothing more ”.

Absence of a '9' in the call

“I continue to have the same confidence as before in my team and in what they can give me. I have an idea which is what I came up with and that I have to improve but without leaving it because it is the one that I think works ”.

Team criticism

“You have to know how to accept that today he did not want to enter and nothing happens. What I am sure is that the panic that this result can generate does not do us any good but I am very happy with the team that I have ”.

In addition, the coach confessed that it is not the only game that has lost in this way. “I have lost many games like this. Well, not so many, because I have won more than I have lost in my coaching career, but I want to say that they are the typical games in which the rival team, on the only occasion they have, kill you. It is usually a corner, a foul … ”.

Regarding proper names and, specifically, that of From Gea and a supposed fault in the conceded goal, Luis Enrique pointed out that “blaming De Gea is already a vice. You can always improve. Everyone could have done more but in the end when there is a cake you have to eat it all and when the plate starts to rot, too. If in this game the fault of the defeat is De Gea, turn it off and let's go ”, he settled.