Luis Enrique: “A failure of Switzerland? It is a great success of ours”

Complicated match: “We already knew it was complicated. The fact that they only wore a point did not indicate their level. They defend very high, we have also pressed, we have complicated their departure. We have not closed the game and in the end it costs ”.

You have emphasized high blood pressure, is there anything you did not like ?: “There is nothing that I have not liked. To put pressure on a team like Switzerland, with three center-backs, two pivots, it's complicated. I am proud of the final stretch of the game, at other times we would have gone backwards and today we have done the opposite, continue up ”.

Oyarzabal's goal: “It is not their failure, it is a great success from the pressure of Spain. The award was very big, it is a great success for the team. I remember only one clear chance of them, we were able to close the game in several plays. But it is not easy”.

Pau Torres and Ramos, in the important matches: “For me all the games are important. We generate competitiveness, so they can see that anyone can play, in any position and at any time ”.

Game against Ukraine: “The rotations will depend on what we see these days. Ukraine is in the same circumstances and we will see ”.