Lucía Rivera reveals the effects of anxiety on her body: “It's tiring and desperate”

Lucia Rivera, the daughter of Blanca Romero and Cayetano Rivera, has made visible the effects that anxiety produces on her body. Through a photograph, which she shared on her Instagram profile, the young woman has shown that her back is full of scratches as a result of this disorder.

“Today I was telling a friend that when I think I control my anxiety it always comes out the other way. Now I have taken to scratching myself at night (without realizing it) and doing these stupid things to my body. The truth is that I have had two difficult days and that is how my head has reacted. And the truth is that in the photos it is not even half valued. It's tiring and desperate sometimes. I send a hug to those of you who live with this like me,” Rivera wrote alongside the image.

Last November, for the International Day to Fight EDs, Lucía also spoke about anorexia and the body dysmorphic disorder she suffered. The problems began when she was a child and she received comments about how thin she was. “They were full of errors“, commented the model to the magazine Cosmopolitan remembering the perception that she herself had of her legs at that time.

The young woman, 25 years old, explained that when she published her book Nothing is what it seems – in which she talks about her anxiety and eating disorders – received a lot of criticism. “After hours of thinking I told myself, they are going to criticize me anyway and the people who need to read this are not guilty of anything. So, I only ask one thing of you: Never give your opinion about anyone's body.“.