Luca Zidane still without a team

Luca Zidane and Real Madrid ended their relationship on June 30, at which time the goalkeeper's contract with the Whites expired. With no renewal in sight, the second of the Zidane clan left the capital as his older brother, Enzo, had already done years ago. Luca's wish has always been to try his luck in Ligue 1. It should not be forgotten that, despite having grown up in La Fábrica, he has been international with France in the lower categories, becoming the European Under-17 champion in 2015.

Montpellier sounded loud as his first adventure in the Gallic elite, since Gero Rulli returned to Real Sociedad after his successful one-year loan. However, the president of the club himself, Laurent Nicollin, recognized at the beginning of the summer, in Free Midi, that the interest in closing the agreement was unidirectional: “Sign Luca Zidane? Luca is a very good goalkeeper, with a lot of potential. But in this profile we already have Dimitry Bertaud. What we are looking for now is a number 1. It was his agent who probed us, not the other way around. “

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Luca spent the last season on loan at Racing Santander, where he enjoyed the continuity that a player of his age needs. With the Cantabrians he played 33 games, in which he conceded 42 goals. He couldn't prevent the team's relegation, but, despite a certain irregularity, he was one of the most prominent players in the squad: made 101 stops (3.06 per game), the sixth in the category in this statistical section.

Battle lost and to fly alone for the first time

However, he lost his private game with Lunin for the position of second white goalkeeper for the 2020-21 and, for this reason, Real Madrid decided not to continue counting on him. With the whites, he made his debut in the First Division, against Villarreal and Huesca. Party, the latter, in which his father had to meet the accusing voices: “I have not put my son, I put a Real Madrid player”.

Now, outside of family protection, time is short. The transfer market for the major leagues ends on October 5, although being free could sign after that date. However, if you want to have real options to be important, you should find accommodation as soon as possible so as not to be at a disadvantage with your competitors. Luca Zidane wants to fly alone, as he has repeatedly recognized (“I don't want to be the son of”), but it is not being a pleasant take off. At least for now.