Luca Marini: “My goal is to take Honda to the top again and win together”


The Italian MotoGP rider Luca Marini (Repsol Honda) defended this Thursday that his goal in 2024 is to “take Honda to the highest levels again” and “win alongside them”, because he is “sure” that they will be ” competitive” despite the “difficulties.

“This year we found ourselves in an unexpected situation. Throughout the winter, the Japanese engineers have worked hard to improve the bike compared to the previous year, but we have encountered several difficulties,” said Marini in statements to Hawkers, the brand of which is a new ambassador in the Italian market.

The 26-year-old Italian, who faces his first year with Honda after three seasons with Ducati in his brother’s team, Valentino Rossi, celebrated having found “the right path.” “I am sure that we will soon be competitive again. My goal is to once again take this great brand like Honda to the top, and win alongside them,” he assured.

“Valentino has always been an inspiration for me, especially during my first year in the world championship. He gave me advice to understand the circuits, tires and other aspects well. There are many anecdotes of moments in the paddock, but the memory What makes me happiest is that every night we met in his ‘motorhome’ with other pilots to talk about how the day had gone,” he revealed about his relationship with his brother.

In his first season at Honda in 2024, what is “surprising” him the most is “the general level of all the drivers.” “Everyone is strong and fast, the differences between one driver and another are minimal,” analyzed the Italian.

Finally, he valued his fatherhood, hoping that he does not lose speed on the grid. “Previously it had been said that when you are a father you lose speed, but now there are many drivers who are fathers on the grid and they all seem very fast, even faster than before,” she concluded.