Los Futbolísimos, by Roberto Santiago, return to AS with a new interactive novel

The Futbolísimos return in style to AS. A year after his last adventure, the one that the Soto Alto FC team lived in 2021 in the European Championship, in full Carnival and in the magical Venice in “The Mystery of the Golden Mask”, now his sporting sights are more ambitious Y are about to live an exciting experience, the World Cup in Africa.

If the first interactive novel of Los Futbolísimos in AS was a pioneer in its genre, the second that will start this coming May 27, will bring even more doses of intrigue, emotion and football. ACE, sponsored by Kimitec and the MAAVi Foundation, will exclusively offer a weekly chapter of the novel by Los Futbolísimos, number 22, “The Mystery of the World Cup in Africa”. And readers will be able to guide Roberto Santiago to write the 18 chapters that make up this new story.

Before, on May 20, the novel number 21 of Los Futbolísimos, “El Misterio del Cerro de Las Águilas”, will be released. It is a novel dedicated entirely to the MAAVi foundation, promoted by the biotechnology company Kimitec, which is responsible for helping children in danger of social exclusion in various ways, including through football.

“El Misterio del Cerro de Las Águilas” is the new challenge that the members of the Soto Alto FC team accepted as soon as they won the European Championship, after helping to solve the mystery of the theft of the gold mask, the trophy that awarded the winning team and that they conquered after beating Bayern Munich in a fast-paced final.

Voting in real time

The mechanics of the publication of each of the 18 chapters in AS will have an important novelty. From May 27, and until September 23 on Fridays at 6:00 p.m. Roberto Santiago will publish a chapter of the novel and will offer readers three possibilities for the continuity of the story, which will be written following the most voted option. The participation period will close on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. Roberto Santiago will have 24 hours to write and pass the next chapter in time to edit it and make the corresponding illustration. The story will unfold according to what the readers decide, who will be able to know how the result goes immediately after voting on AS.com.

You have to remember that Los Futbolísimos had the honor last year of becoming, together with Diario AS, Kimitec and the MAAVi Foundation, the first interactive novel published in Spain. And they have set out to continue making history. The collection, which has sold more than four million books, did not want to stop celebrating the 2022 World Cup. After the success of book number 20 of Los Futbolísimos, “The mystery of the golden mask”, Roberto Santiago is preparing for another adventure from the hand of the readers. What new mysteries and adventures will Pakete, Angustias, Marylin, Helena con hache and company bring us in ‘The Mystery of the World Cup in Africa‘ The decision is once again in your hands.