Lopetegui: “The responsibility for this tie is mine”

Julen Lopetegui assumed full responsibility for the two points that Sevilla lost in the final stretch against Levante by not having improved the team with their changes. His reflections were as follows:

Summary: “The feeling is not good because we wanted to win. In the last 15 minutes they were superior and we gave away many balls. The responsibility belongs to the coach because we were able to make five changes and instead of improving we have worsened.”

Key: “It was a matter of reading the game, where they did better than us. We did not know how to counter their dominance in the final stage.”

Development: “The match was similar to the derby. We used to be a team that handles the results well and this time we did not. In the end we suffered and we could even do more.”

Locker room: “The legs are fine, the team has worked well and physically has worked a lot. I hope we recover quickly ahead of Friday.”

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