Lolita Flores, on the infidelity of one of her ex-husbands: “I think he made her a little more wet than necessary”

Lolita Flores She surprised when she spoke this Monday about her experience with one of her two ex-husbands, who had been unfaithful to her during their marriage. It must be remembered that the singer was first married to Guillermo Furiasethe father of Elena and Guillermo, and in seconds with Pedro Duranfrom whom she separated in 2015 just five years after their marriage.

Lola Flores’ daughter told this Monday in TardeAR: “Years ago with one of my ex-husbands… I saw that he was coming from the gym and his clothes were too wet, as if he had put them under the faucet… I said, but if he has been playing tennis for an hour, so much “She can’t sweat. Well, that, I think, made her a little more wet than necessary.”

On the set of Ana Rosa Quintana they have talked about infidelities and spy cameras. Vicky Martin Berrocal She has also commented: “I don’t need any of this, I smell it, I am a wonderful detective. I have it from my mother. I have suffered tremendous love, it has been exhausting. And I tell you one thing, he who seeks finds.”

Cristina Cifuentesfor her part, has said that she trusts her husband, the architect Francisco Javier Aguilarfully: “I have let my husband do whatever he wants and I am convinced that he has not done it. Well, look, I have been there for 35 years.”