Lola Gallardo: “I like Oblak, he is very sober and not 'popcorn'”


Atlético de Madrid goalkeeper Lola Gallardo does not hesitate to say that she has the Slovenian goalkeeper of the red and white first team, Jan Oblak, as a reference, especially because she sees him “very sober” and “he is not a 'popcorner'”, while she considered “quite complete.”

“If I have to choose, I'll go with Oblak. Now there are a lot of modern goalkeepers, but in the end our job is to stop. Footwork when you know how to take advantage of it is very good, but you have to use your hands. That's why I like Oblak, he's very sober, he is not a 'popcorn', he shows off less than he could, but he stops them. I consider myself quite complete, but I hope to be at that level one day,” Gallardo confesses in the space of 'A 0-0 with… .' from 'Tanqueray 0.0%', club sponsor.

The captain of the Colchonero team remembers that she started in women's soccer as a “center back”, but that she has “always” preferred “to be a goalkeeper.” “I have never really liked running, although the new coaching staff is making us sweat,” admits the Andalusian, who does not hide that point of 'madness' that exists in her position. “I think so, at the end you fly over the field to land on the ground,” she points out.

“I played because I loved this sport. We trained at 9 at night with what we had. Then, seasons went by and little by little, you see what it could be. But it was impossible to think when I was a girl that I could dedicate myself professionally to the sport. football,” confesses Gallardo, who found that “it's very cold outside 'Atleti'” when he decided to go to France to play for the powerful Lyon, although he didn't have many opportunities.

Regarding the demands of your club, this is at all levels. “We have fines for arriving late, if we do not put our fingerprint on the access sensor or if we do not stay to eat. We must also always come with appropriate clothing. We are professionals and it must be noticed in all aspects,” emphasizes the goalkeeper. .

Finally, Lola Gallardo does not hide that she would like to go to 'Survivors'. “I like 'Masterchef', but I don't know how to cook. In 'Survivors' you go hungry, it's true, but I do intermittent fasting and I don't think I would handle that part badly. I would have a worse time with spiders,” she admits.