Loida Zabala confirms good results in the beginning of treatment against her lung cancer


The Spanish weightlifter Loida Zabala confirmed this Friday that she had “successfully” passed the first analysis of the treatment for her recently diagnosed lung cancer, specifying that “all the results are going well” and that at the moment there are no side effects.

“I have passed the first analysis successfully! I couldn’t be happier at this moment. All the results are going well, I am not having side effects that prevent me from moving forward and also, I am going to be able to do bodybuilding! Finally!” Zabala commented from his official account on the social network X (former Twitter).

“I need to increase strength, since corticosteroids have made me lose a lot of essential muscle mass to be able to move on a daily basis, in addition to retaining a lot of fluids, which I will be able to lose with diuretics from now on. Thank you for joining me in this challenge of life, you give me a light and a vitality that makes me feel like I can do anything,” he concluded.