Llorente and Suárez rescue the 'classic' Atlético from the double side

For classic Spanish football, the
Atlético de Madrid
double sided. You know, that Athletic exasperating that he gives away the first game of an infinity of games and then takes a game, in the second act, on account of a whiplash from one of the many good footballers he has.

That some might even doubt about the football weight of this squad, on account of what is seen in many games, of that desperate rojiblanca irregularity. But no, that the Athletic they have a great squad, with very good footballers. Another thing is that what is seen does not always correspond to what is expected.


Those of Simeone it took them an entire part to shake off the 'shock' of the beating of Munich. A feeling that had to be really alienating because the truth is that those of the Cholo They didn't play badly, but they were still run over by a German tech machine. Frustrating come on. Understandable on the other hand.

The mattress team solved a game that looked bad, thanks to a goal from Llorente in the second half, when there was not even half a deposit of merits for it. Suarez he finished off, in the 90 ', a curative result on which to build something more stable for the future. We will see.

It took more than ten minutes for an occasion worthy of being called that way to arrive. A center of Montoya to the area of Athletic, in which William
Carvalho nodded so that Oblak show off. Pellegrini It has endowed the Portuguese with a more advanced role and his physical power and arrival have already given him results in this course in the form of goals and assists.

He was shot by Fekir, very dangerous, to which Oblak had to respond with another great intervention. The French international, left-handed, came from the right wing to get into the center and use his good shot.

For his part, Athletic survived with some arreones by the right of the powerful Llorente, whose centers inside the area crashed into a forest of rival legs. At the end of 20 minutes, finally one to put in your mouth. A center of belt after insisting on a divided ball, which Suarez he hunted first and the ball skimmed the stick.

The Uruguayan smells the blood of the goal in every action. I needed the Athletic a player like him, with that killer instinct that others seem to have forgotten. The charrúa had the clearest of the rojiblancos in the first half after a frivolity of Carvalho, who made a backward head dive toward his defenders, without even looking. The result was none other than the ball went directly to a Suarez who ran towards the goal of Bravo. The attacker lacked top speed, obviously there are things since they are not as they were, and when he noticed the breath of the two centrals he shot across, not in the best conditions. The ball, again brushed the stick.

The first half left a rather frustrating feeling for fans of the Athletic. That of a rojiblanco team subjected in many moments, in others languid, almost apathetic, away from that suffocating pressure that one day was its hallmark. Vague, soft at times, irregular in his offensive vocation and fragile in the defensive.

Those of Simeone, it is not known very well if by their own decision or by their own inability, they allowed themselves to be rocked by a Betis who was looking for the goal of Oblak without complex. The first act left the visiting team possessing 64% but that at times exceeded 71%, with almost twice the number of passes from the Verdiblancos (301 to 172).


SimeoneLike anyone with eyes in his face, he saw that this half-dead had to be shaken. Took out of the field Torreira already Lemar. In the case of the Uruguayan, who knows if by allowing himself a cut in the exit of the ball, in front of the area, which cost a dangerous chance. The charrúa will have to understand that in the Athletic There is no risk in certain areas, that ornamental football does not go with this team. Risk, zero.

And in the case of the French, after a half in which he was shipwrecked like the rest of his teammates. It was not worse than the rest, if perhaps as disappeared as the others. But it is one more in the history of lost occasions to show why he was considered one of the great promises in Europe.

And as we said, for ‘classic’ that the Athletic mark with a lash. It was Llorente the one who rescued the rojiblanco team, the one who woke him up, the one who finally shook this media ‘groggy’. A throw-in that allowed the Madrilenian to enter the area thanks to his power, win the baseline and surprise Bravo with a cross shot when the Chilean discovered his first stick because he expected a pass. Golazo.

A play that turned the game around. He Betis responded with an action of Sanabria, hand in hand with Oblak, which the Slovenian, once again key, took out. The reality is that the game was no longer monochrome but back and forth. He Athletic touched the second. First with a dry shot of Beautiful from outside the area, but above all with a double occasion in which Herrera broke the stick with a big screw shot that Bravo I looked like the cows that see the train go by. And later with a point-blank shot of Carrasco. By the way, the Mexican settled the mattress team and the Belgian gave him the depth he needed. To that new blood was added Joao Felix. And let me also value the party of Beautiful, which in defense controlled reasonably well Fekir and that he joined the attack with common sense and danger.

Pellegrini understood that the scene had changed, the Athletic It was no longer a ship with a broken sail to handle at will. And put Joaquin Y Loren. He mattress team continued to accumulate opportunities, a shot from Suárez that Bravo cut down. And the game exploded in the air in the 71st minute when one against rojiblanca, with a talented pass between the lines of Joao Felix, ended with a takedown of Montoya to Carrasco that cost him the red for being the last man, after reviewing the VAR.

He Athletic was able to extend the account. Another masterful pass from Joao Felix that left Carrasco in a heads up with Bravo, which the Chilean won. One of those that cannot be failed. The Portuguese himself was able to score in a shot in the area after a brutal play by Llorente, which again showed that it is to discuss ownership.

Suarez finished off the result after a great against rojiblanca, in which I gave it he put it on the penalty spot for the Uruguayan to cross it. Fourth goal for the Uruguayan. Not bad. It's not bad at all.

(+) See the summary of the match


Atlético de Madrid: Oblak; Trippier, Savic, Felipe, Mario Hermoso (Renan Lodi, 76 '); Marcos Llorente, Torreira (Herrera, 45 '), Koke, Lemar (Carrasco, 45' / Vitolo, 82 ')); Suárez and Correa (Joao Félix, 56 ').

Real Betis: Bravo; Montoya, Mandi, Bartra, Álex Moreno; Guido Rodríguez (Víctor Ruiz, 79 '), William Carvalho (Loren, 64'); Canales, Fekir, Tello (Joaquín, 64 '); and Sanabria (Borja Iglesias, 79 ').

Goals: 1-0, Llorente (Min. 45); 2-0, Suarez (Min.90)

Referee: Mateu Lahoz (Valencian School). He admonished Luis Suárez (Min.40); Koke (Min. 49); He expelled Montoya (Min.71).

Incidents: Party in the Metropolitan Wanda, without public.

13 J. Oblak 25 C. Bravo
2. 3 K. Trippier two M. Montoya
fifteen S. Savić 2. 3 A. Mandi
18 Philip 5 M. Bartra
22 M. Hermoso 77 ' fifteen Alex Moreno
(12 R. Lodi) twenty-one G. Rodriguez 80 '
14 M. Llorente (9 Borja Iglesias)
5 L. Torreira 46 ' 14 W. Carvalho 65 '
(twenty-one Y. Carrasco) (16 Loren Moron)
6 Koke 8 N. Fekir
eleven T. Lemar 46 ' 10 S. Channels
(16 H. Herrera) eleven C. Tello 65 '
9 L. Suarez (17 Joaquin)
10 TO. Strap 57 ' 19 A. Sanabria 80 '
(7 João Felix) (6 V. Ruiz)
T.Diego Simeone T.Manuel Pellegrini

Goals:(1-0) M. Llorente (46 '), (2-0) L. Suárez (91')

Cards:L L. Suárez (41 '), Koke (50')L M. Montoya (74 ')

Referee: Mateu Lahoz A. M.

Spectators: 0 in the Wanda Metropolitano

THE BEST The result, Llorente's great game, the contribution of those who came from the bench
WORST The attitude of the first half